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    Education is a right for every child, which consists of the systematic exposure of ideas, facts and techniques to students, where a person exerts an organized and voluntary influence over another one, with the intention of his or her formation.

The Wayúu Taya Foundation in alliance with other organizations develops initiatives oriented to enabling areas for formal educational processes (preschool, elementary and high school) and informal educational processes (courses, lectures, etc.), particularly in schools and communities, with the intention of contributing to knowledge sharing, as well as to share their values, customs and behaviors.

The foundation aims to provide complimentary education to children and the integral development of their younger generations, in order to contribute to the preservation of their cultural traditions, their future economic development and the preservation of peace.

Wayúu Taya also implements educational programs oriented to the integral development of women, encouraging gender equality and the active participation of women in diverse aspects of the communities’ economic development.