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     There is a considerable amount of communities that lack the basic resources needed to apply new technologies in their classrooms. The Wayúu Taya Foundation, along with its allies, has made considerable efforts to provide brand new technological tools to schools, in order to enhance the teaching-learning process.

With the appropriate use of technology, students are able to acquire important skills in order to survive in a technologically focused society. While doing this, the Foundation also focuses on preserving their roots, customs and traditions.

New technology is vital for an improved education for the students, as well as a beneficial requirement amid the new advances in this field and for a fortuitous future performance. This also reduces research and publishing information times, thus highlighting its importance in the classroom.

The Wayúu Taya Foundation implements science and technology programs with children, to allow the systematic acquisition of scientific knowledge and the use of informative technologies. Promoting the use of technology for the exchange and creation of information contributes to the safeguard and spreading of their native language.