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     The school El Mogu, located on the way to Cachiri, La Sierrita community, in the town of Mara in the State of Zulia, was founded in January 1978, thanks to the contributions done by Mr. José Ángel Semprún Uriana, who donated 50 square meters of land for the school’s construction to benefit the children of the community, with aims to gaining new knowledge and improving his instruction level; the indigenous leader passed away two years later, on March 26, 1980, according to his daughter, Melida Semprún, who is a representative of the school. He authorized that the school be named “Mogu”, which was approved by the assembly of parents and representatives, as well as the board of directors of the institution.

Between 2011 and 2012, the Wayúu Taya Foundation obtained funding and resources to finish one of its most important educational programs, the construction of the school “El Mogu”, which will benefit more children from its sector, hoping to create a better tomorrow, by providing a proper-quality educational space.

It currently has 220 students in a building with 4 classrooms, 3 restrooms and 5 educators, including the institution’s coordinator.