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26 June, 2018
12:00 pm

Venezuela/Press Wayuu Taya.- Marinelly Fuenmayor

This Tuesday June 26th, at the Tepichi Talatshi school, the balanced meal and emotional intelligence workshops took place. Dictated by the members of the Nutrition school from the Universidad del Zulia and representatives from the Aliadas en Cadena Organization.

      A balanced diet is vitally important for our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. We always hear about diets to lose weight, that relate in many ways to heathy eating habits.

People from the La Popular sector, located in the km 28 on the way to el Moján, at the parroquia Ricaurte, Mara, in the state of Zulia, received the balanced meal workshop, offered by the nutritionists Luisandra González and Marisol Rodríguez, representatives of the nutrition school from la Universidad del Zulia, who explained the importance of eating in adequate proportions, therefore guaranteeing the nutritional contribution that our body needs. Variety stops us from eating the same meals every day and we can achieve it by combining in each meal, food from the three basic groups.

Keeping one’s health, ensuring children’s growth and development and maintaining a healthy organism during adulthood and beyond can be achieved through a healthy diet. Other benefits include preventing diseases that come from a lack or excess of certain foods.

The madres procesadoras from the school Nerio Emiro Semprun Polanco “Tepichi Talatshi”, received the required orientation to consider while preparing the meals for the school’s children.

The psychologist Giovanna González and the social worker Yorgina García, both representatives of the Aliadas en Cadena Organization, explained the importance of emotional intelligence as the capacity to identify, understand and handle emotions correctly, in a way that facilitates relations with everyone else, achieving goals and objectives, stress handling or the overcoming of obstacles.

In the face of any event that happens in our lives, emotions, both positive and negative, will be there and can help you and make you happy or sink you in the deepest pain, depending on your ability to handle them.

People with high emotional intelligence do not necessarily have less negative emotions, rather, when they appear, they know how to handle them better. They also have a higher capacity to identify them and to know what they are feeling exactly, while also having a high capability of understanding what everyone surrounding them feels as well. By better identifying their emotions, they can use them to relate better with everyone, to have more success in their jobs and to have more satisfying lives.

To close off the workshops, the attendees interacted with the presenters, performing several activities and enjoying a delightful gettogether.

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