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04 August, 2017
12:00 pm

Venezuela/Press Wayuu Taya.- Marinelly Fuenmayor

During the afternoon of this Friday, August 4th, Nerio Emiro Semprún Polanco “Tepichi Talatshi’s” installations which form part of the “Techo” project promoted by the Wayuu Taya Foundation, suffered severe damages due to a strong storm that affected several communities from the town of Mara in the State of Zulia, to the north of the country.

       At around 3:00 PM, neighbors from the sector La Popular alerted the Wayuu leader Alexis Bracho of what was happening at the school which she helped build with significant efforts; it is important to mention that she also has custody of the school’s installations. With tears in her eyes, Alexis stated: “It was very ugly, as soon as they notified me I came and saw how the school’s roofs flew and how the leaves fell due to the strong downpour; I was desperate and didn’t know what to do.” After finding out about this event, a team from this NGO that works for the Venezuelan indigenous people’s wellbeing visited the place to verify the damages caused by the strong storm, only to find a desolating image of a school in a state of deterioration and with heavy structural damages. A detailed revision was done and the following damages were determined:

* (4) Classrooms were roofless; given this, other items were damaged, such as lamps, boards and other school belongings.

* (2) Trees fell from their roots, affecting the main fence (Located at the institution’s entrance, which contains the school’s and foundation’s names)

* (3) Trees’ branches were torn off, which lead to a partial break to the churuata’s protective mesh. *

*50% of the playground was destroyed

Given this contingency, the Wayuu Taya Foundation activated an emergency plan that started with the collecting of debris. The people responsible for this first phase were José Miguel Bracho, Hermes Bracho, Hermes Fernández, Ismael Pinedo and José Enrique Pinedo. The cleaning of the entire areas and classrooms was done by the Foundation’s administrative and operational personnel, Wayuu Taya’s volunteering coordinator and several volunteers from the town of Mara.

The foundation thanks everyone who collaborated to the restoring of the school’s installations, particularly: Luis García (Volunteer from Mara), Lina Madera, Geidy Lugo, Emilixy Bracho, Andrés Bracho, Andy Cambar, Alexis Bracho, Nathalie Wilhelm and Marinelly Fuenmayor.

The Wayuu Taya team is doing the corresponding arrangements to carry out Tephichi Talatshi’s full recovery and it extends and invitation to those who wish to collaborate to the restoration of this modern structure, which hosts 450 children from the community of La Popular and other neighbor sectors from the Parroquia Ricuarte, from the town of Mara in the Venezuelan Guajira.

For your donations and contact please visit the foundation’s website: www.wayuutaya.org. You can also send your donations to the checking’s account Banesco No. 0134-0051-24-051102-0972 and contact us through the email addresses ri.wayuutaya.org@gmail.com / info@wayuutaya.org. For more information call us at 0261-3229820 and 0414-6223344

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