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03 June, 2019
12:00 pm

Venezuela/Press Wayuu Taya.- Marinelly Fuenmayor

       Wayuu Taya and Solergy Systems have team up to improve the life of the Wayúu indigenous community. Together, we will provide renewable solar energy to a rural school in the Guajira region and make it a better education facility.

According to UNESCO, La Guajira is the second poorest region in Latin America, right after Haiti.

Project Overview:

San Luis elementary school is located in the km 29 on the way to el Moján, Tamare, Mara, in
the state of Zulia, Venezuela. It is a humble school surrounded by cacti, cardon flowers and arid lands, in which 54 students receive classes. It is a physical structure of just (2) solid classrooms and a small depot.

Access to electricity will allow the classrooms to have proper illumination and ventilation,
charge cel phones and use other small electrical devices. It will also allow the community to
have evening classes for adults.

We will be installing a Solar School kit of 570Wp, including solar panels, batteries, inverter,
charge controller and accessories. Complementary, will also be installing the electrical systems
for the classrooms: light bulbs, switches, wiring, etc.

Solergy Systems:

Based in Montreal, Canada, Solergy Systems is a start-up specialized in the implementation of
solar energy projects on remote locations and off-grid sites. Their goal is to use solar power to
build and support a better world by supplying an energy demand and creating an ecological and sustainable development culture in society.

Their expertise includes the design, distribution and installation of such systems. They have pre-designed solar energy kits to allow education, health and recreation.

In the name of all the Wayuu community

Thanks for your support