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13 April, 2018
12:00 pm

Venezuela/Press Wayuu Taya.- Marinelly Fuenmayor

The Wayuu Taya Foundation team made its way to la Laguna de Sinamaica, located in la
Guajira, to the north of the state of Zulia, to take its sancocho humanitario and deliver several received donations.

      The morning of Friday, April 13 th , was barely starting, when the Wayuu Taya
Foundation staff was already heading to la Laguna de Sinamaica, specifically to the Unidad
Educativa Especial Laguna de Sinamaica and the Escuela Bolivariana Sinamaica, to take its
sancocho humanitario as part of the foundation’s nutrition programs. On this occasion,
the contribution was made by the Venezuelan author, Patricia Cohen.

Cohen, who wrote the children’s book “Les Presento a Papá”, made an important
donation from the sales of her book to the Wayuu Taya Foundation, to continue to carry
out the non-profit NGO’s diverse programs, dedicated to helping the indigenous
communities in a state of poverty. The tale can be found on Ebooks and Amazon.

The Zulian Police Department (Policía Bolivariana del Estado Zulia) (CPBEZ) looked after
the helpers during this event, comprised of member from the Wayuu Taya Foundation,
members of the Red Cross and other volunteers.

At around 10:00 AM, the ships were at full disposition at the lacustrine terminal Puerto
Cuervito to welcome the team who would make its first stop at the Unidad Educativa
Especial Laguna de Sinamaica, Zaida Guerra, the institution’s principal, thanked everyone
who made the sancocho humanitario possible. Children and adults received clothing,
footwear, food and medication donated by Mrs. Evelyn Brea, Happy Eating, Tatiana
Resnik, Mariela Salgado, Vicky Clark and Farmacolor Venezuela.

The notes of the national anthem, played in the Añu language, signaled the welcoming of
the Wayuu Taya Foundation team and its volunteers, who afterwards enjoyed a dance to
the sounds of the Alma Llanera.

The school’s principal, Keila Nava, formally welcomed every guest; the students Dorianny
Báez from 5 th grade and Yariagny Márquez from 6 th grade improvised the school radio
station Wanuuku añu 100.2 FM, asking the Wayuu Taya Foundation’s Social Development
Coordinator, Raiza Cambar, to step forward and answer the following question: What
motivates you to be here? To which the social worker answered: “I am motivated by the
Añu’s receptiveness, culture and entrepreneurship.”

Levi Luzardo, an inhabitant of the zone, picked up his Cuatro and along the chief
supervisor of the Zulian Regional Police Force, Juan Quintero, played two “décimas” dedicated to “La Pequeña Venecia” (Little Venice), as la Laguna de Sinamaica is also

As luxury guests, the foundation gifted to the teachers and representatives from the
Escuela Bolivariana Sinamaica, poetry from Reinaldo Fernández. “Princesa de la laguna,
hija mimada de los rayos solares, ¡Ay Sinamaica! Como describirte”; were some of the
verses recited by the young poet.

To close off on a special note, the children made a presentation of the Pájaro Guarandol
dance, to enjoy afterwards the sancocho humanitario, as a contribution from the
Venezuelan author, Patricia Cohen, over 800 people between both institutions enjoyed its
benefits and a day full of surprises and joy.

Special thanks to:

Claudia Olago, Red Cross Migration Director, Zulia section.
Sandra Castillo, CPBEZ officer.
Gustavo Querales, CPBEZ officer.
Enrique Galue, CPBEZ officer.
Ricardo Palomeque, CPBEZ officer.
Yohandri Paz, CPBEZ officer.
Hermes González, CPBEZ officer supervisor.
Juan Quintero, CPBEZ chief supervisor.
Reinaldo Fernández, Poet from la Guajira.

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