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30 May, 2018
12:00 pm

Venezuela/Press Wayuu Taya.- Marinelly Fuenmayor

The students, guests, teachers, office staff and personnel from the E.B.N. Nerio
Emiro Semprun Polanco “Tepichi Talatshi”, along the Wayuu Taya Foundation
team celebrated the institution’s 13 th anniversary in the heart of Mara.

    The main churuata at the Tepichi Talatshi school was the ideal area for the
students, school personnel and the Wayuu Taya team to get together on the
morning of May 30 th to celebrate the 13 years since the foundation of this
intercultural bilingual school.

At around 9:00 AM, the teachers Mildred Romero and Yimmy Villalobos started the
act by welcoming the Msc. María Alexandra Semprun, daughter of the illustrious
Nerio Emiro Semprun Polanco, whose name was given to this educational
institution given his roots within the Wayuu culture and his ties with the ethnicity’s
overcoming through education. Other guests included Dr. Carmen Laura Paz
Reverol, coordinator of the masters in anthropology program in la Universidad del
Zulia, Dr. Carlos Valbuena, professor from la Universidad del Zulia and member of
the academic committee and the Lcdo. Rene Castillo, supervisor of the Mara N.18
school circuit, along the entire Wayuu Taya team.

A brief biographic review about Nerio Emiro Semprun Polanco was presented by
the children Angely Pulido, Yaximar Fernández, Ismary Pinedo and Wuilander
González, preschool students. María Alexandra Semprun offered a telling of her
father’s life to the guests as well. Afterwards, the 3 rd grade students graced
everyone with a showing of the Yonna dance, a traditional Wayuu dance.

13 schoolgirls were the selected representatives chosen by the school personnel,
highlighting the anniversary number. “I was a student at this school since its
beginning and I am currently on the 4 th year of high school, and my message for
the students at this school is to study and take good care of it, since it was built
with a lot of effort by the foundation for us, besides being a very beautiful school”
said the 15-year-old Tepichi Talatshi ex-student, Andrés Bracho.

Mildred Romero took the opportunity to highlight and honor every director and
teacher who works in the institution, who make part of the obtained achievements
and success for the past 13 years. The professor José Molero “Chely” formalized
the delivery of the school flags to the Wayuu Taya team, which were elaborated by
the students in the “Una Bandera para Escuela” contest, where the children
designed many proposals to pick the flag which would represent the institution. The winner of the contest and the selected flag will be revealed during the Wayuu Taya
Foundation’s 16-year anniversary celebration in July.

An emotional day full of surprises was enjoyed by the attendees. “Hagamos un
trato por el buen trato”, was the show presented by Luis Celis the clown, who
performed several dynamics with the children and emphasized that the best
teacher is not the one who teaches the most, but the one who teaches with
dedication and love.

With smiling faces and filled with joy, the students, teachers and guests, hand in
hand, sang happy birthday to the school Nerio Emiro Semprun Polanco “Tepichi
Talatshi”, blowing out 13 candles amidst a rain of confetti.

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