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13 July, 2018
12:00 pm

Venezuela/Press Wayuu Taya.- Raiza Cambar.

The Wayuu Taya Foundation follows the educational processes developed in educational institutions, especially in Wayuu Taya’s pilot school “Tepichi Talatshi”, where the 2017-2018 school year is ending, as well as the first phase of the SFK workshop, where 130 students participated and were formed. As program facilitator, MSc. Mildred Romero, under the supervision of MSc. Aritina Fernández and the Lcdo. José Luis Molero.

     An SFK activities exposition was presented as a significant sample of the performed activities and knowledge acquired. The SFK educative program provided parents and children, teachers and facilitators a methodology in which boys and girls learn to recognize and handle their socioemotional potential, with the goal of establishing and maintaining positive relations within society. It is an education program to enhance their self-esteem, to reflect on their purpose in life, to strengthen their resilience and to awaken the desire to make a difference in the world. “Winning in the game of life”.

It promotes socioemotional learning in an intuitive, practical and objective way, the awakening of individual conscience, therefore allowing children to incorporate universal values such as tolerance, respect, cooperation, responsibilities, solidarity and human dignity, among others.

Finally, the students with the highest grade average were awarded for their outstanding performance, receiving on behalf of the Wayuu Taya Foundation, school kits and candy for all the children.