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11 July, 2018
12:00 pm

Venezuela/Press Wayuu Taya.- Raiza Cambar.

The Wayuu Taya Foundation continues to strengthen and provide nutritional wellbeing through the execution of the “Vaso” program and the humanitarian soups to many boys, girls, teenagers, parents and the little ones’ representatives, who receive the benefit directly and indirectly, reaching an average of 5000 beneficiaries.

    Every coordination within the Wayuu Taya Foundation participates actively for the achievement and fulfillment of the established objectives, as well as within the organization required in each locality.

It is worth mentioning that the main objective is to: contribute to the health and nutrition of children in school years, between the ages of 3 and 14, from the schools that benefit from the foundation’s social programs and to improve their living quality.

The specific objectives are oriented towards:

  1. Implementing the health and nutrition education program for children.
  2. Providing a cup of food with a high nutritional value to preschool and elementary school children daily.
  3. Performing social assessments monthly to measure the program’s impact in the children.
  4. Assessing every 3 months the health and nutritional state of the children who benefit from the program, by performing health assistance events, with support from the Wayuu Taya Foundation’s medical network.

It is important to mention that by the end of the 2017 – 2018 school year, families, schools and communities, which compose the system integration trilogy, have been benefited.

Hereunder, the schools and communities to benefit from the program are detailed.

 Educational institutions that receive the benefit directly:

Mara, state of Zulia – Venezuela

1.- Escuela Nerio Emiro Semprun Polanco “Tepichi Talatshi”, parroquia Ricaurte, state of Zulia.

2.- Escuela Jesús Redentor, parroquia Tamare, state of Zulia.

3.- Escuela el Mogú, parroquia la Sierrita, state of Zulia

Educational institutions in the town Jesús Enrique Lossada:

4.- Escuela Virgen de la Paz, parroquia Mariano Parra León, state of Zulia.

Educational institutions that receive the benefit indirectly: towns Jesús Enrique Lossada, Mara and Guajira:

5.- Escuela José Chiquinquirá Rodríguez – Lossada

6.- Escuela San Luis – Mara

7.- U.E. Laguna de Sinamaica – Guajira

8.- U.E. Sinamaica – Guajira

9.- U.E. Maria Antonia Rincón Lubo – Guajira

Communities that receive the benefit indirectly: town Jesús Enrique Lossada:

10.- Palo Alto

11.- La Ciénaga,

12.- Curarire,

13.- Jagueicito,

14.- Jagüey largo will receive it during September.

Benefited population: 5.000 children

School year: 2017 – 2018 September to July 2018

The soup is done in every school and community, with the purpose of providing the children in school years with benefits through the promoted social programs; Corn Chicha is offered to the school population, as well as the humanitarian soup which arrives to new localities every day, aiming to guarantee nutritious food to boys, girls and teenagers from the indigenous communities. The meal is prepared by the madres procesadoras or collaborators,

The health and nutrition coordination represented by the Lcda. Asmiria Semprun establishes an institutional alliance with different organization and holds formational workshops and talks about foods’ nutritional values, hygiene and food manipulation, nutritional complements and their contribution to the children’s health, among others.