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04 July, 2018
12:00 pm

Venezuela/Press Wayuu Taya.- Marinelly Fuenmayor.

This Wednesday July 4th, the representatives of the Wayuu Taya Foundation made a social visit to the E.B.N San Luis, located in the km 29 on the way to el Moján, parroquia Tamare, Mara, in the state of Zulia.

   Picking up on the request made by the Lcdo. José Fuenmayor, E.B.N San Luis’ principal, to the representatives of the Wayuu Taya Foundation, to visit the humble school surrounded by cacti, cardon flowers and arid lands, in which 54 students receive classes.

A physical structure of just (2) solid classrooms and a small arbor was enough to share an enjoyable morning with the teachers and students from the small school, who asked the members of the foundation to attend to the several of the institution’s necessities, since they cannot even rely on a frequent water supply.

Some time ago, the construction of latrine bathrooms was started. This tends to be the most common type of modality for these constructions, preventing the children to do their necessities outside but since they do not have services as water and other resources, the construction was not finished. The most important petition from the students was this one.

The students asked to be visited by Patricia Velásquez, president of the Wayuu Taya Foundation; moreover, the organization team took the sancocho humanitario to the E.B.N. San Luis which was prepared by Ms. Luzneida González, a school representative.

Everyone who attended thanked the foundation for the visit and asked that their humble school not be forgotten. The students and the staff need any kind of general dotation. In the images the place’s condition can be observed as well as the Wayuu Taya team’s visit.

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