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14 June, 2018
12:10 pm

Venezuela/Press Wayuu Taya.- Marinelly Fuenmayor

The people from the Guajira, the U.E.E.B María Antonia Rincón Lubo and the Centro de Educación y Recuperación Nutricional Guajira received the Wayuu Taya Foundation team’s warm visit, to deliver several donations and a sancocho humanitario.

     The Wayuu Taya team made its way to the Venezuelan Guajira to deliver diapers, footwear and clothing to the children at the Centro de Educación y Recuperación Nutricional Guajira which were donated by the Happy Eating Foundation. The nutritional center is in the heart of the Guajira town and it attends to particular cases of children in a state of malnutrition, that require medical supervision.

The foundation members took the opportunity to deliver a sancocho humanitario at the U.E.E.B. María Antonia Rincón Lubo, where around 900 people, among which were students, teachers and personnel, gathered at the multiple-use sports court to receive the Wayuu Taya team, along the supervisor Hermes González, the supervisor Jonathan Mier, the officer Ennie Galué and the chief officer Juan Quintero, members of the CPBEZ Guajira.

The institution’s principal, Lcdo. Rafael Rivas, along with the teaching staff, thanked everyone present for their delightful visit, afterwards, the musical notes of the national anthem sounded in Wayuunaiki. The 3rd grade students performed the traditional dance called Yonna, along the teachers who highlighted the rhythms of the Tortolita, Taitachirá and Hormiguita.

An emotional morning was enjoyed at the school María Antonia Rincón Lubo, amongst folkloric dancing and the melodic poems from the young poet Reinaldo Fernández, native from this town and always paying tribute to his beautiful Guajira.

On their part, the foundation team delivered to the directive and teaching staff several copies of the technological Wayunaiki dictionary, as well as books, tales and didactic games donated by Ms. Mariolga Fragoza. The teaching personnel was provided with shirts for their uniforms, while the younger ones received clothing, diapers, toys and food.

Liberdo Fernández, Mirian Fernández, Floribel Montiel, Denny Urdaneta, Dolores Barrios, Neritza Fernández, Karina González, Nereida Guerra, Ángela Guerra, Delsida Larreal, Adalberto Pérez, Enalin González and Carmen Castillo, madres procesadoras for the school’s dining hall, were responsible for preparing the sancocho. Over 900 people enjoyed the Sancoho Humanitario by the Wayuu Taya Foundation, as a nutritional contribution to the health and nutrition program carried out by the NGO to mitigate the lack of nourishment felt by many Venezuelan households.

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