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22 March, 2018
12:00 pm

Venezuela/Press Wayuu Taya.- Marinelly Fuenmayor

In the context of International Women’s Day, the “Las Mujeres Proponen” platform was
launched; promoted by Aliadas en Cadena, el Observatorio Venezolano de los Derechos
Humanos de las Mujeres and Voces Vitales Venezuela, along 162 organizations carried out
during March 21 st and 22 nd in Caracas, Venezuela, the 1 st National “Las Mujeres Proponen” convention.

      The city of Caracas dressed up to receive the representatives of over 165 organizations
that traveled from the inside of the country to take part in the 1 st national “Las Mujeres
Proponen” convention, in the convention hall N. 6 at the Hotel Paseo Las Mercedes. The
event, sponsored by the United States’ Embassy, counted with the participation from
specialists and consultants who discussed political, social, economic, educational, health,
nutrition, communication, environmental, gender violence, Women’s Human Rights and
border dynamics topics, among many others.

Wednesday, March 21st was the day to welcome the guests with a concert on the street
of the Alfredo Sadel Plaza, with presentations from the groups B11 of the Bigott
Foundation and the band LADAMA, composed of four virtuous, engaged and inspirational women who perform music from their respective countries such as Brazil, Colombia,
Venezuela and USA.

The event held on Thursday 22 nd in the Hotel Paseo Las Mercedes, counted on the
presence of the honorable Mr. Todd Robinson, responsible of business in the United
States’ Embassy in Caracas, Venezuela, as well as Mrs. Rebecca Thompson, in charge of
Public Affairs of the United States’ Embassy in Caracas, Venezuela, among others.
Las Mujeres Proponen is a platform that promotes a national focal point for women’s civil
organizations to create an agenda of pending business pertaining public policies which
affect Venezuelan women’s active citizen participation.

On a national level, five encounters have been done in search of solutions for the
challenges that Venezuelan women face. The cities of Caracas, Valencia, Barquisimeto,
Maracaibo and Merida were the settings where NGOs for women, Social Development
Organizations, universities, public and private institutions and independent consultants
contributed with their knowledge and experience to the creation of a solution route to
guarantee women’s citizen rights.

“Las Mujeres Proponen” is in line with the 5 th objective of sustainable development of the
2030 agenda of the United Nations. “Achieve gender equality and empower women and
girls”; promoting the exchange of experiences, the establishment of new alliances and the
consolidation of an interactive platform which will allow women to generate elements
that help define their needs and main interests. “Las Mujeres Proponen” sheds some light
on the evident role of the civil society for the construction of a democratic culture, with
equality policies for Venezuelan women.

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