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03 February, 2017
12:00 pm

Venezuela / Press Wayuu Taya.- María Rodríguez

The president and founder of the foundation, the Venezuelan Patricia Velásquez, joined the people from her native place and set forth the new social programs which will be promoted by the NGO. The children of the school Tepichi Talatshi, which is a part of the “Techo” project developed by the institution within the indigenous communities, showcased their talent with Wayúu traditional singing and dancing. In 2017 Wayuu Taya will celebrate its 15th anniversary working for the Latin-American indigenous communities.

       With the visit from the Venezuelan Top Model Patricia Velásquez, president and founder of the foundation, Wayuu Taya begins an agenda of special activities which will be developed by the foundation with the purpose of celebrating its 15th anniversary working for the improvement of the living quality of the Latin-American indigenous people.

The visit took place in the town of Mara, to the north of the Venezuelan Guajira, where the Zulian arrived to the organization’s pilot school “Tepichi Talatshi” – which means happy child – that also serves as a second home to over 400 indigenous children who receive the social programs promoted by Wayuu Taya on a daily basis, such as: Health and Nutrition, Sports and Recreation, Arts and Culture, Education and Technology.

Patricia Velásquez’s reunion with the Wayúu people

Important organizations, enterprises and volunteers from the region have been added to the social cause with a significant sense of social responsibility, proving that when will and efforts are put together, wonderful things can happen, such as the contribution to the integral development of the wayuu children.

The foundation’s president thanked the people, institutions and companies that were a part of the activity. The food company Genica C.A, the Hotel Kristoff, La Universidad del Zulia, Chops de Venezuela, Policía Bolivariana del estado Zulia, contributors, volunteers, teachers and other allies in the Zulian region have supported and promoted the social cause by this nonprofit institution that focuses its actions in the improvement of the living quality of the Latin-American indigenous communities.

With excitement, love and joy, students and professors from Tepichi Talatshi welcomed the Wayuu Taya family. The act began with Venezuela’s national anthem in Wayuunaiki, followed by some words by the educational institution’s coordinator, Mariela Fernández: “We are an exemplary school due to the amount of work done by the foundation and Patricia for the education and for us, the indigenous people. We have elementary school, all the way up to sixth grade and it’s a project that has been growing more and more. We believe that by offering

food to the children, the mothers will send them to school more often and we would be creating better learning conditions”, said the teacher.

La Yonna, a traditional wayuu dance, showcased the young Tepichi students’ talent, who afterwards had a nutritious bowl of food, thanks to the beginning of the program “Taza Caliente” that aims to contribute to the children’s nutrition. To the rhythm of “llanera” music and drums, the boys and girls showed their psychomotor development and their knowledge of their Venezuelan roots.

The colorful and cultural event was highlighted by the first display of the wayuu Ethnical Music workshop, led by the professor Venancio Fernández, popular cultor and elder who is part of the Elder committee that helps preserve the culture of the Guajiran sub-region, as well as the students from Tepichi Talatshi, as part of the foundation’s upcoming Project: Programa Intercultural de Música Wayuu Taya (Intercultural Music Program Wayuu Taya).

The actress and model’s special guest, @miguelDeLabarca, who is a renowned Zulian singer, filled the people with energy and emotion. The “Michael Bublé Maracucho” as he is known in the music industry, played tunes by the Maestro Simón Díaz and vibrated to the rhythm of the song “Color Esperanza”.

The Singer Miguel de Labarca, playing tracks by Tío Simón Díaz

During her closing words, Patricia Velásquez thanked all of the volunteers and sponsors who, with their donations and incessant work, make Wayuu Taya social labor possible;

She also took the opportunity to announce the Espiritualidad para Niños Program (The Spirituality for Children Program), which is expected to begin in 2017; moreover, she encouraged everyone to keep working for the happiness and wellbeing of the indigenous people.

The President of the Wayúu Taya Foundation, Patricia Velásquez, Offering her Words of Gratitude

If you would like to support Wayuu Taya social cause and donate to the programs and help more children to have a better living quality, visit: www.wayuutaya.org or contact us via email at ri.wayuutaya.org@gmail.com

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