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16 March, 2017
12:00 pm

Venezuela/Press Wayuu Taya.- Marinelly Fuenmayor

This Thursday, March 16th, the Encuentro Circuital Niño(a) Indígena took place at the school Nerio Emiro Semprum Polanco “tepichi talatshi”. The school’s churuata (luma) was the ideal place for the authorities of the school district and representatives of 14 institutions to attend and showcase their experiences and intercultural educational projects.

     The activites conducted by the children of the “Tepichi Talatshi” school began with them singing the national anthem in Wayuunaiki; afterwards, the teacher Lucy González expressed her welcoming words to everyone in attendance.

The host school Tepichi Talatshi began with a potpourri of activities, including the traditional dances of the Yonna, joropo and other types of Venezuelan music. Each delegation exposed their stand with pride, where they had knitting, paintings, traditional candy, games and many other Wayúu related references.

The creation of the sun and the moon (Kai, Kashi), costumes allusive to rabbits, donkeys, goats, traditional games and toys such as ropes, race cars made out of cardboard and sticks, clay dolls, (majayü), proof of the lockdown that the women go through when they transition towards adulthood, where they learn the art of knitting and the goat fights to choose the “padrote” (leader) of the herd, were the themes of some of the presentations done by the different educational levels, initial educational centers, elementary schools and state and national schools, such as Alberto Villalobos, Jesús de Nazareth, Simoncito Repelona and la Escuela especial de la repelona.

The physical education teachers of the schools San Luis, Ciénaga de Reyes, Los Lechosos, Teniente Pedro Camejo, La Repelona, María Lourdes Soto, Jesús Redentor,

Sipisipi and Nerio Emiro Semprum Polanco “Tepichi Talatshi”, were also at the event. They were responsible for carrying out the traditional games.

Once the activities were over, the intercultural education coordinator of the Wayuu Taya Foundation, Aritina Fernández thanked the presence of the school district authorities as well as every school’s participation. She also highlighted the importance of preserving, particularly through the children, the customs and traditions of the Wayúu culture, based on the knowledge of parents and teachers.

The school districts coordinator, Rene Castillo, said that he felt grateful for the invitation to the encuentro circuital niño(a) indígena. The institution that won was the Escuela Básica Nacional Sipisipi, which will represent the entire community at the municipal encounter.

The closing of the event started with the Yonna dance and the game of the rope, in which the participants were the teachers, directors and coordinators of all of the schools.

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