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12 December, 2017
12:00 pm

Venezuela/Press Wayuu Taya.- Marinelly Fuenmayor

Wayuu Taya’s most important social initiative each year, known as Alegría en Navidad, went by the towns Mara and Jesús Enrique Lossada, giving over 3,500 toys and filling the townsfolk with joy and smiles.

      The Wayuu Taya Foundation, led by the model, actress and Zulian business woman Patricia Velásquez, as in each year, met the objective of colleting over 3,500 toys to be delivered to boys and girls in the towns of Mara and Jesús Enrique Lossada, towns with several indigenous communities

The meeting point was at the Kristoff hotel’s lobby last Tuesday, December 12th, where guests, volunteers and representatives of the Wayuu Taya Foundation began “Alegría en Navidad”. With a vehicle display looked after by the Zulia Police Department, the event made its way to Mara, particularly to the school Jesús Redentor located in the km 30 parroquia Tamare, Los Lechosos, where the students received the guests with gaitas and many banners with gratitude phrases and the names of the godfathers and godmothers who donated at least a toy.

Some of the special guests were: Ms. Lidela Semprun, Limayri Velásquez, Wayuu Taya’s director, along with other family members and close friends to Patricia Velásquez, as well as representatives of organizations such as Fundación Vida Jurídica, Aliadas en Cadena, Fundación Blanca Nieve Sierra, Amnistía Internacional, Club de los Leones Maracaibo Central and Wayuulove.

Presentations such as the ones from the academy Somos Baila Que Baila, Cesar y Mauro, Club de Risas Maracaibo and other cultural acts on behalf of the school’s students were the performances enjoyed by the assistants.

An atmosphere full of smiles, surprises, joy, candy and face paintings could be witnessed at “Los Lechosos” with over 600 toys delivered by Wayuu Taya’s “Alegría en Navidad”

The Jesús Redentor “Los Lechosos” school principal prepared a small get-together for the guests.

The next stop was at the school Nerio Emiro Semprun Polanco “Tepichi Talatshi”, located in the km 28 on the way to El Mojan, Mara, parroquia Ricaurte, La Popular sector, which was built by the NGO 13 years ago.

The harsh sun and the heat at its full potential were no impediments for the children to enjoy a lovely evening under the “Churuata” which hosted approximately 1000 people. After several cultural presentations done by Tepichi Talashi’s students, gratitude words were expressed to Ms. Lidela Semprun, Patricia Velásquez’ mother, who on behalf of her daughter apologized for her

absence given several professional responsibilities and thanked the people present for sharing a delightful event, wishing everyone a merry Christmas.

The following day, on Wednesday December 13th, the planned visit was to the school El Mogu, located on the way to Carrasquero, parroquia La Sierrita, Mara, where the Wayuu Taya Foundation has made several important contributions such as the construction of a dining area and improvements to their infrastructure.

“Alegría en Navidad” arrived at the school at 9:30 am, where over 300 children with banners welcomed the representatives of Génica, Zulia’s Police Department, volunteer personnel and representatives of the Wayuu Taya Foundation.

Leonelis Castillos, a representative for Génica, thanked the opportunity to be there and took the moment to hand a bundle of Lactovisoy, a nutritional drink with vitamins and minerals for the children to enjoy and to replenish their bellies, to the institution’s director, Guioley García.

The food company’s volunteer team organized a series of games for the children’s enjoyment; on the other hand, Zulia’s Police Department joined the contagious “Alegría en Navidad” event to the rhythm of drums, charrasca and cuatro, while singing traditional gaitas.

Smiling faces, joy and amazement expressions were among the sweetest expressions from the children the moment they received their toys.

Three days were planned for “Alegría en Navidad” to be carried out by the Wayuu Taya Foundation.

On Thursday the 14th the journey through the town Jesús Enrique Lossada in the state of Zulia would end, specifically at the school Virgen de La Paz, and the communities Palo Alto, La Ciénaga and El Curarire.

Tens of people began gathering at the Kristoff hotel’s lobby, as the third “Alegría en Navidad” day held by the Wayuu Taya Foundation would being.

Representatives of many national media sources such as Venevisión, Televen and local broadcasting presenters were there to begin the final day of the event, this time in the town Jesús Enrique Lossada.

At around 9:30 am the participants left to Lossada, looked after by the Zulia Police Department. They could not hide their astonishment at the sad imagery, streets filled with trash, children eating garbage, spontaneous sales stands in the landfill, a significant representation of extreme poverty.

After a long, arid drive, “Alegría en Navidad” made its first stop at the school Virgen de la Paz, where after a brief welcome, the children quickly began to sing the national anthem both in Wayuunaiki and Spanish.

The Venezuelan tricolor highlighted the schools sports court, with traditional clothing and Venezuelan music, the girls danced and entertained the audience. Traditional music did not keep anyone waiting either, as in less than a month after the start of the traditional music workshop in this humble school, guided by the professor Jesús Aguilar, a small sample was performed showcasing their advancements.

During the course of the morning, a contagious atmosphere could be felt, where everyone was enjoying their presents, snacks, cakes, face painting and games which made the day unforgettable.

“Alegría en Navidad” kept moving forth, towards what would be its last stop, where representatives of the community La Ciénaga decorated the humble concentration place in the best way, where banners with “thank you” messages could be read everywhere.

Cultural presentations welcomed the assistants, with singing, dancing and even imitations of personalities such as Nacho, showcasing the creative talent of the children celebrating Christmas.

The Hotel Intercontinental’s volunteer team painted faces and offered snacks to the members of the community, where there was, without a doubt, an atmosphere full of happiness and good vibes that could be felt during the 3 days of the event. “Alegría en Navidad” gifted over 3,500 toys, joy, smiles and messages filled with hope and optimisms, assuring that 2018 would be a better year for everyone.

Special thanks to:

Rubén Rincón, Elaine Núñez, Valentina Teixera, Mateo Teixeira, Mariela Salcedo, Venezolana de Aviación (Ravsa), Francisco Romero, Yrida Ocando, Mily Meinhard, Gaby Semidey, Wayuulove, María Gabriela Rodríguez, Marianne Neustadtl, Cesar and Mauro, Alma Semprun, Génica, Sofía Sferrazza, The Zulia Police Department, Guajira Sub Region through the commissioner Mirtha Chourio, The Zulia Police Department, Lossada Jurisdiction through the Sup Pedro Hernández, Farmacolor de Venezuela, Vanessa Martínez, Cristina de Pool, Bárbara Cervantes, Limayri Velásquez, Circuito Escolar del Municipio Mara, Evelyn Matute, Vicky Clark, Metro de Maracaibo, Jessika Rojas, Rodolfo Mota, Hotel Intercontinental, Hotel Maruma, Dinorka Valera.

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