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22 February, 2018
12:00 pm

Venezuela/Press Wayuu Taya.- Marinelly Fuenmayor

Watched over by the Policía Bolivariana del estado Zulia, the Wayuu Taya Foundation team made its way to the school El Mogu to provide its sancocho humanitario to over 150 children.

    This Thursday, February 22nd, over 150 children from the school El Mogu, located on the way to Carrasquero, at La Sierrita in the town of Mara in the state of Zulia – Venezuela, benefited from the sancocho humanitario carried out by the Wayuu Taya Foundation.

At around 10 AM, the foundation’s team arrived at the humble school, guarded by members of the Zulian police force, who always support the social activities carried out by the NGO in pursuit of the social wellbeing of the indigenous communities.

The students were able to taste a delicious beef sancocho prepared by the “Madres Procesadoras” of that institution. They enjoyed every scoop that satisfied the hunger in their bellies.

Education, arts and sports activities, along with medical and nutritional events are some of the initiatives planned in the programs carried out by the foundation at schools and communities where the living conditions tend to be quite poor.

Actions such as this one must be carried out frequently in times like these, where any kind of necessity is much more delicate.

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