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Venezuela’s current economic and political situation is the largest humanitarian crisis in the western hemisphere with almost 5 million people displaced.

While the challenges are immense, The Wayuu Taya Foundation strives to make life better by bringing food, access to health, access to education to the most vulnerable, in localities along the border between Venezuela and Colombia. The indigenous population have the least access to infrastructure and are the most vulnerable in the country. In many areas there is no access to water, no electrical, gas, or sewage systems, which has resulted in a proliferation of disease, malnutrition, and viruses. Yet the population remains incredibly resilient. The Foundation continues its activities despite the difficult political economic climate.

Last year, in collaboration with Frank Giustra, Acceso, Giustra Foundation, Chef José Andrés, World Central Kitchen Foundation and The Clinton Foundation, Wayúu Taya started the implementation of a weekly food program aimed at Wayuu  community. A total of 29 schools, 18 and 8 Institutions including 3 Elderly Centers  from this region are served, covering a total of 12.000 people with minimal resources.

Thousands of medicines and hygiene kitts have been distributed around Venezuela thanks to the Foundation’s friends and Partners.

These actions have had very concrete benefits for the communities:

1. Increase in class attendance by students as they receive 1 to 2 plates of food daily.

2. Reduction of cases of malnutrition in schools and communities benefiting from humanitarian aid.

3. Slower diaspora of Wayuu families to Colombia, since the main factor causing displacement to another country is the lack of food and medicine.

4. A total of 773.760  food dishes have been prepared during these months.

5. Permanent nutrition assessment sessions have been carried out where numerous cases of extreme malnutrition were detected in children between the ages of 6 months to 3 years old.