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The “Proyecto de Sostenibilidad por las Comunidades Wayúu” (PROSOWA) is a foundation
birthed as a result of the efforts of the Colombian community abroad, particularly a group
of Colombian professionals in both New York and Colombia. Our objective has been to
create programs and alliances with public and private entities, both nationally and
internationally, to benefit the indigenous people of Colombia.

Since 2014 until today, we have collaborated and participated in different health events in
the Alta Guajira with support from the Nazareth Hospital and an endless array of
organizations which have received over 3500 Wayúu families and patients. These families
have been able to receive support with food and water supply security during these

In 2015 we had our first philanthropic gala at the New York University (NYU – Kimmel
Center), where we launched our international “Water for Life in La Guajira” campaign. In this event, the foundation focused on gathering donations to obtain a drinking water system for the Wayuu communities which nowadays benefits over 270 families and 129 students directly, as well as 930 families of the Zona Verde and Amoyowou areas indirectly, under the leadership of Fundación Agua de Cerrejón.
Amongst our complimentary activities, both national and international, we have carried
out successfully for 3 years our Christmas campaign: REGALA UNA SONRISA, DONA UN
JUGUETE. We have reached over 4500 children between the ages of 0 and 18 within 12
corregimientos in the Alta Guajira, gifting hope and joy to hundreds of children.
In 2016 the foundation started enlightening hearts with two very special projects which
have been a fundamental part of our dream towards a better country.

Our Plan Padrino,which provides support to vulnerable Wayuu children from the city of Maicao. This program is supported and lead by the Centro de Migrantes de la Pastoral de Riohacha, since they have been PROSOWA’s partners from the beginning of the year in improving the Alta Guajira children’s living quality. With the donations we have received for this program, we aim to provide enough food monthly to each child, hoping for them to be able to perform better academically while diminishing the significant levels of famine in the area. Furthermore, with support from national and international entities, we provide our children with drinking water through purification filters that work with nanotechnology.
Educational Project TAYUNKERU ("Yo Si Puedo"): with participation from other
foundations such as Fundepaz NYC, Oficina Comercial de Taiwan in Colombia, Caring for
Colombia in NY and other contributors, we were able to build 7 eco-sustainable study halls
for over 200 Wayuu students in the Alta Guajira in Nazareth. The classrooms count with
one of the best photovoltaic energy systems as part of our sustainability mission pursued
for the Wayuu people.
Musical instrument delivery to the project Jovenes Juglares of Fundación
Francisco el Hombre: The Prosowa foundation has delivered over 15 musical instruments
to talented youngsters from Riohacha of the local Francisco El Hombre Foundation.
The first food bank in La Guajira: The PROSOWA Foundation with support from Diocesis de
Riohacha was able to receive an international grant in 2016 from Chevron to build the first
food bank, currently under construction in La Guajira. This bank aims to become the first
effort focal point for private companies, the public sector, academies and Caribbean social
entities as well as La Guajira to take food to those who need it the most there, while
improving the Wayuu and Guajira communities’ living quality and wellbeing.

The first social event for San Juan del Cesar’s musical talent: On July 21 st of this year, the
PROSOWA Foundation, with support from Fundación Desarrollo Social, carried out the
first charity event in San Juan del Cesar to the south of La Guajira, to support children and
youngsters who do not have the means to develop their artistic talent in music. The event
lead by María Teresa Egurrola, cofounder and board member, also counted with
participation from Maria Monica Urbina, Eileen Roca, Rossana Redondo, Aylen
Borrego, Maria Alejandra Ariza and the current representative of La Guajira in the
National Beauty Contest, Zeger Iguaran. The funds will we destined to the purchase of
musical equipment required to begin this social program at this city.