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“Shukumajaya”, which means “beginning” in Wayúunaiki, is the Wayúu name chosen to identify the first edification built by this organization, for indigenous women to get together and work protected from the harsh weather of the location. The Shukumajaya is a big hut or churuata where they can knit.

With the support of other organizations, not only has the Foundation created a work place, but they have also become providers of the necessary materials to elaborate colorful artisan handbags. These bags, known as “Susu”, are a part of the Wayúu’s traditional symbols. They are also the product of a patient creation, an imaginative mix of colors and a careful and thorough labor which takes 8 hours a day, during 20 days to make each piece.

Shukumajayais also the social space where counseling and orientation in family planning, nutrition and hygiene are given.